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Specific treatment and Total Guerison

AntiViral 100% Natural

Complement to the treatment of hepatitis

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Fight against germs, bacteria and amoebae contained in the blood

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Fight and Eradicate the Hepatitis Virus

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Fight and Eradicate the Hepatitis Virus

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Natural Hepatitis B Treatment ..

Reduction for the benefit of pupils and students whose RCP is less than or equal to 10,000 IU operating in Cameroon. A 20% discount is granted. Of cure, to benefit from it you will have to justify that you are a student. Many of you have written to us below for information on the natural treatment of hepatitis B using our products. We apologize for not responding early. These delays are due to the fact that you forgot to provide us with your contact details and more precisely your email addresses. Here are our direct contacts: contacts@septcam.com ; septcameroun@yahoo.fr.

The line to follow

We have been in the virus since 1993. To all those who are looking for evidence of cure by our natural antivirals, we say that medical confidentiality does not allow us to communicate anyone's address. you who are still hesitating to take our treatments, here is the line to follow, a line followed by all our patients: As soon as you are positive whatever the type of viral hepatitis: 1. before contacting us, do the following tests

HepatiteBTransaminasesCRPCharge Virale{ADN}
Hepatitis CTransaminasesCRPCharge Virale{ARN}
Hiv/AIDSLymphocytes T4{CD4}CRPCharge Virale{ARN}
HerpesAC-VHS 1 - AC-VHS 2CRP

Definitive Treatment of Hepatitis

In case you already have these results, please scan them for us. To be valid, these results must be made no more than 2 months before. 2. After receiving our prescriptions according to your case, you can then order your products by phone or email. 3. After 6 weeks of treatment, you will have your blood drawn for the first healing check-ups, while continuing to take your treatment. These first results, even if they do not reveal a complete cure, will allow you to see how our products work. This way, you will know that they are effective. Finally, we advise patients not to start treatment until they are sure that they are completely cured.

The duration of treatment varies according to the type of hepatitis and the condition of the body. For example, an asymptomatic for hepatitis B can heal completely after a well followed treatment of 2 months. It's incredible, but true.


Our antivirals are actually groups of antivirals. Because when you use only one antiviral plant, or even two, the virus develops resistance very quickly. Each natural antiviral drug manufactured by us is a combination of at least 5 antivirals. Tracking down the virus without giving it a chance to develop resistance. Thus during our Hepatitis Definitive Treatment programs, the treatment must never be interrupted before healing. With our products: 1- the liver is protected. 2- Hepatitis A, B and C of any type heals. The only disadvantage is that the cost is still high despite reductions since 1993. Beware of those who offer you natural plants for viral hepatitis. Many do not control these diseases. And since their plants make jaundice, a consequence of hepatitis, disappear, they quickly conclude that these plants cure the disease. That is not true.

If you are taking the treatment for your illness, to make sure you are taking appropriate natural medicines, do the above healing check-ups after one month. If treatment is appropriate, there will be a clear tendency towards normalization: viral load or PRC will decrease, transaminases, gamma gt and alkaline phosphatases will tend towards normalization. Don't be fooled.... Dr SEUNKAM, Weapons Engineer, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Researcher on tropical medicinal plants>> Naturopath >> Greetings >> Contacts: +237 6 73 47 47 62 71

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The risk of contracting chronic hepatitis B infection is directly related to the age at which a person is exposed to hepatitis B virus for the first time.


An acute infection with hepatitis B can last up to six months (with or without symptoms). And infected people are able to transmit the virus to others during this period. A simple blood test can tell a person if the hepatitis B virus is present in their blood or if they have successfully disposed of the virus. Until your health care provider confirms that the blood test shows that there are no more hepatitis B viruses in your blood. It is important to protect others from possible infection.

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