SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL has developed since 1993, a detoxification cure that has proven its worth and continues to do so, in the natural treatment of several diseases and in fitness. This cure, although very significantly reducing weight, is not a weight loss cure, but rather a detox cure that allows you to:

  • It is up to the body to eliminate all its aliens accumulated for years and,
  • To the cells of the body to renew themselves.

Towards the end of this treatment, several blood and gland parameters become regular. Thus, the liver, kidneys, tyroids, pituitary gland, pancreas, prostate etc. start to function normally again. Farewell:

  • Kidney failure
  • Hemodialysis
  • Liver failure
  • Prostate diseases (psa for example falls into the normal area within a few weeks)
  • Etc.

When a patient undergoing hemodialysis undergoes such a cure of treatment while taking appropriate natural medicines developed by SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL, he/she ceases to be hemodialysed after only three weeks. For example, at least one of the patients treated in this way in 1993 still lives today without any further kidney problems.


Anyone, sick or not.


We advise everyone to get detoxified once every two years to remove toxins and other accumulated waste. DR SEUNKAM ,CONTACTS : 673 47 47 62 71 / SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL ,DOUALA : Makepe, (Rond point Petit Pays 20m) IMMEUBLE JAPHET tél : 243 02 54 54 27 YAOUNDE : Rond point Damas - TRADEX . tel : 243 23 23 23 77

Your food is almost industrial and you eat little or no vegetarian food.
Are you constantly tired? do you get
sick often?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is a detoxification treatment that will do you the most good.

A detox cure

This is used to remove toxins and toxic substances from her body. By stimulating its purifying organs and changing its eating habits and lifestyle. We are acting in depth by targeting foods with detoxifying powers. We adopt a behaviour that facilitates the elimination of toxins. We also learn to get rid of negative thoughts that also pollute us and slow our well-being.


Toxins/toxins could be divided into two parts
: Direct as pesticides, excess food and bad choice, consumption of stimulants (alcohol, coffee...) exposed to endocrine disrupters...
Indirect such as stress, overwork, lack of sleep, lack of self-esteem, etc

Is a detoxification cure restrictive?

No, because it is a personal approach, it is enough to do it according to your abilities. This should not be experienced as a constraint. We can be satisfied with a detoxification cure of a few days, or even one single diet evening per week, spread over several days or a month.
If you don't like to follow a "food program" to the letter or if you want to extend the benefits of detoxification treatment. Provide advice here and there, without imposing too strict rules that would generate too much frustration and expose you to deficiencies. But detoxification also leads us to experience repressed emotions. Because all our emotions, both positive and negative, are associated with specific organs. And physically cleaning our organs also leads to psycho-emotional cleansing.

Is a Detox Cure a diet?

Yes and no! Yes, because we are adopting a new food policy. No, because it aims at "well-being", not necessarily slimming. You can lose a few kilos (or turn them into muscles if you play sports). But you will likely resume them after the treatment if you do not change the bad habits that cause you to gain weight. The first objective is really to get rid of toxins and re-harmonize with your body.
A detoxification cure, concretely
how do we do it?

SEPTCAM offers you natural products for your detoxification cure. Follow-up and advice included... Email: Cell: 00273 6 73 47 62 71.

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